Monday, May 24, 2010


Hello my name is budiman and im new with this . First I want to ask what is life? God made people with a variety of color and shape, but we have an expression of feelings. feelings of love, fear, not like this is to make us as people and not forget God provides us with a useful understanding . I have the same feelings as you. I also feel sad and sometimes I feel happy. my sorrow and my joy in my face reflected difficult because I am a sham in itself. I prefer to see other people happy, but I suffer. have you ever wondered if you are able to give your family what had been provided to you by your father? Not everything we want we can get , but I believe if we really want it I think is not possible we will get what you want, including LOVE . Are out there true love or true friends? If we live in hypocrisy and love to insult people is that true friends? pat chest and ask your appetite . I think this introduction session is over and we will meet again. If you do not like me do not be friends with me =)


  1. wahhh.... slamat berblogging la klu mcm tu.. hehehehe

  2. haha..apa la u ni..i nak belajar jadi pro la ni hihihi

  3. bro!!
    as a friend(if)
    plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss get hold of your language better. Don't disappoint me.