Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What is the purpose of friends?

* Friend is a person To make jokes and kidding idle?
* Friend is A healing in grief?
* Friend when we are happy ?
* Friend when we had difficult time ??
* Friend is a person to share or isten to our problems?
* Friend is a person who accept the disadvantages and advantages of ourselves?
* Friend with us just to take advantage on our self ?
* Friend who like to back stab us ?
* A friend who really accept us as their truly friend ??

For all my friends

My school friends
I wanna to list some names that i love u so much
azman , syed ashraf , syamel , rifdi , joshua ( sorry if ur name are not included )
and to my taeyon zyhan ..u always makes me smile..please take care ur self and keep up the good job and the one who can take conquer your heart the person is the the most fortunate guy in the world and not forget rubby..i love when look at your happy face hahaha
My neighbors that i already consider you as my brothers
nas , both ayie botak and ayie dadu , ridhuan and the rest

My almandarian friends
thanks for accept my self and be friend with me
firstly to my roomate rafiq, raffy and sadiqin..i know sometimes i hurt ur feelings with my attitudes but i already consider you all as my brothers..im the youngest la kan hahaha

Geng gila-gila =)
Ila , majid and his wife miza , roy and his wife , syahmi , both black abe and white abe hahaha ,afiq amar , beer,gib , paan besar and Amira Zamri hihi..not forget to to epy , hazeq and shah, muzammer .im verry sorry if ur name are not listed hahahaha

Thanks for accepted me as your friend
and sorry if i hurt your feelings..

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